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About the Current Owners


The current owners have been buying and fixing up 1950’s vintage ranch homes in Houston for over 22 years.  Always dreaming of owing and restoring a historic home, the wife’s dream and husband’s nightmare came true in July 2013 after a chance facebook post by the wife’s sister.  With a lot of hard work and a few setbacks along the way, the house is finally getting under control. Although some of the brick and major structural work has been contracted out to professionals, the owners have done the majority of work themselves and continue to find architectural clues to the houses original design and construction.  Extended family and friends from Houston enjoy getting together to relax (or work) and share the dream.

I am an old woman, well past the age that I need to be doing this type of work.  I retired from a great career working for the old Houston Lighting & Power and then Reliant Energy but I've always loved working with my hands and have an affinity for old houses.  My husband and I have purchased many 1950 vintage ranch style houses in Houston and gutted and remodeled them over the years as a side gig.  It was okay but what I have always wanted was to restore a small Victorian gingerbread house.  That didn't happen - fate had other ideas. A light-hearted facebook post lead to my purchase of the Lucas Apartments in 2013.  You can see the facebook exchange in the blog.  It was an amazing property that was on the verge of falling down.  Eight years and a ton of hard work later, the structure is sound, fully occupied and almost breaking even on a cash flow basis.  There is still much to be done but nothing urgent that threatens the survival of this incredibly unique building.   I should have been content to finish what I started but on my thousands of drives from Houston to Galveston to work on the Lucas, I passed a remarkably sad house with a lone window open on the top floor.  That window drove me crazy.   I couldn't believe that this incredible house was being left to decay.  I jokingly told all my friends that my husband better pray that it never came up for sale because I would feel compelled to sell everything we own to buy it and try to save it.  You can guess what happened.  

This is my passion not my husbands.  He is totally supportive of everything I do and he helps some if I ask but for the most part I'm on my own.  I have a crazy group of girl friends who for some strange reason come help with some of the most disgusting chores and projects.  We work hard but have fun.   

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