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Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey spared us major damage but there is still much recover from. We lost our own home in Bellaire, as did my mother and sister and three of our rental houses. Casa Familia only had 3 inches of water in the ground floor but driving rain blew into the attic and leaked into much of the third floor. The second floor has had a problem with water seeping into the breezeway and Harvey was 100 times greater than anything we have seen so far. The maple hardwood floors in the dining room were damaged but as things dry out they are starting to lay back down and we are hoping for the best. All in all, Casa Familia was lucky but with so much to do to get our family and tenants back into their homes in Bellaire we have no time to continue our restoration efforts until the spring. Thanks to my dear friend Letitia, her son, and our wonderful tenant Megan for all of their hard work since we were unable to go see the damage or help with the cleanup for the first month.

Once again, thanks to our awesome friends, we made it up and running before biker weekend so our guests would not be disappointed. Newly painted ceilings on the third floor, lots of scrubbing on the ground floor and some new furniture and were back as is nothing ever happened. On the home front, we have one house finished and two on the cusp of getting our tenants back in. We can't wait to get back to normal and kick off another round of restoration at Casa Familia.

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