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I have always wanted to restore a small Victorian gingerbread house but fate had other ideas. A light-hearted facebook post lead to my purchase of this amazing property that was on the verge of falling down.  Eight years and a ton of hard work later, the structure is sound, fully occupied and almost breaking even on a cash flow basis.  There is still much to be done but nothing urgent that threatens the survival of this incredibly unique building.  The apartments have an amazing story that you can read about in the Galveston Daily News article published to hail it's grand opening.

Lucas Terrace is one of the most unique structures on Galveston Island.  The opportunity to see inside this amazing building drew people from as far away as Canada when it was placed on the Galveston Historical Foundation home tour as a work in progress in May of 2014.  Constructed by an elderly brick mason using rubble left from the great 1900 hurricane; the building,  ravaged by time and neglect, has gone through two major phases of renovations.   Nine small apartments have become three.  There are now two grand living spaces, one charming ground floor unit and two carriage houses saved from collapse and turned into funky living spaces.  With a design that cannot be categorized, the feel is more European than anything due to the courtyard and interesting cast concrete façade.  

Grand Opening 1908

Altered in the 1930's 

Arches restored in 1998

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